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  • Executive Coaching

  • Mastermind Groups

  • Custom Designed Professional Development Training Programs Based on Coaching Principles

We're based in Calgary, Alberta - But also work with clients nationally and internationally, either by phone or video conferencing. Our brain science approach has proven just as effective with our remote clients as it has with our in-person clients.



We use a Brain Based Coaching Methodology based on neuroscience that leverages the wealth of knowledge that our clients already have.

We are often asked WHY?

It simply works better than any other approach that we have used, and we like to use the best tools for the job. It's incredibly versatile, and has allowed us to successfully support clients in a dozen different industries.

With our approach, we tend to avoid pedantic lectures with our clients about what we think they need to do. 

It's not that we can't give really great advice. We're often sought out for our thoughts on matters. In our experience, as good as the advice may be (ours or others), we have found that its effectiveness often pales in comparison to the results we can create when working with clients from our brain based approach to coaching.

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Let's face it, results are important. Really, results are the only thing that matters. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver powerful results to our clients.
Below are some of the results our clients have experienced.
  • 50% Increase in Revenue in only 3 Months
  • 250% Revenue Growth
  • 150% Growth in Client Acquisition
  • Identifying New Business Opportunities
  • Improved Corporate Culture
  • Greater Communication and Understanding Among Employees and Employers
  • Stronger and More Effective Teams
  • Reorganizing Operations to Increase Effectiveness
  • Identifying Opportunities To Pass On - Saving Huge Amounts of Time, Stress, and Money
These are some of the standout results. We can't take sole credit for any of these results. Our clients worked awfully hard to create these results for themselves. We supported each of them to make strategic decisions and plans around their businesses that were in alignment with the goals that were established.
These are past results. We make no claims of being able to replicate any of these results in other businesses as every business is different. Get in contact if you want to discuss what value we might be able to bring to your business.

Executive Coaching

From 1:1 to 1:To Many

We Coach Individuals and Teams to Higher Performance and Greater Success


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Mastermind Groups

Leveraging Our Broad Range Of Skills And Abilities, We Blend The Best Components of Mastermind Groups And Executive Coaching Based On Neuroscience To Support Clients To Create Significant Success And Growth In Their Businesses By Building Communities of Like-Minded Professionals 


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Custom Training Programs

Not Your Average Training. We Build Coaching Into The Program To Make It More Effective


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Emotional Intelligence Assessments For Your Team

We Offer EQI Assessments As Either A Stand-Alone Or Add-On Service To Our Other Services


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Who We Work With

Who We Work With

  • Executives, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs

    We work with business leaders to design, integrate and achieve their larger scale vision and goals. Strategizing how to best grow and develop “Your” businesses. This includes setting target goals around revenues or project outcomes, and evaluating business opportunities.

  • Professionals

    We work with professionals by supporting them to achieve their big goals, excel in their current roles, grow as leaders, and advance their careers to the next level.

  • Teams

    We work with teams, building them into high performance entities that exceed expectations. We understand what it takes to lead a group of people that deliver powerful results, and are skilled in bringing individuals together to rally around their shared goals.

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By Supporting Our Clients To Be Exceptional In Everything That They Do



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