Executive Coaching

What Eric Schmidt and Bill Gates Think About Coaching

Benefits of Using a Coach

  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Work Performance
  • Improved Time Management
  • Improved Self Confidence
  • Improved Relationships
  • Improved Communication Skills
  • Improved Life/Work Balance
  • Improved Levels of Employee Engagement
  • Better Staff Retention and Succession Planning
  • Higher Levels of Happiness and Satisfaction
  • Increased Skill Capabilities
  • Increased Revenues


The Science Behind Our Approach

Its based on some of the fundamentals of neuroscience, and is designed to create a mental environment for our clients that best facilitates boosting their creative problem solving abilities.

We Use a Solution Focused Coaching Approach

This is designed to create progress quickly and deliver significant results to clients. We work with people and teams around creating and integrating big projects into their work and lives, and facilitating successful change.

The principles that govern our coaching methodology.

  • Clients have far more expertise about their own lives and work than anyone can possibly learn or understand in days, months, or even years, let alone in the confines of a single session. We use our skills in coaching to help leverage this expertise, allowing you to see the situation from multiple points of view and increase your awareness. From here, we can best strategize the best plan to move forward. This approach allows us to be extraordinarily versatile in terms of the clients and challenges that we work with.
  • We tend to offer little or no advice in a session. This might seem counterintuitive, but it delivers the best results. Helping clients to develop their own awareness and understanding around an issue has in our experience been a more effective approach to creating results, and often allows results to occur quicker. What we have learned over the years supporting others is that while we can and do give great advice on a wide range of subjects, our success rates, and the results our clients experience are substantially greater when we use this brain based approach vs. our dispensing information and expertise.
  • It has been our experience that the greatest ideas that any of us ever have, always have an origination in our own minds. Never is it the case that our greatest ideas are merely told to us by wiser/smarter people. We tend to eventually come up with better ideas ourselves. Often these ideas are inspired by some sort of environmental stimulation. As coaches, we are at our best when creating these environments, which can be largely defined as creative flow states supported by perspective challenging questions. This might sound a little "out there", but understand that we are evidence based practitioners that utilize this methodology because it's proven the most effective. Sometimes the best explanation is to experience it for yourself.
  • The following points are a brief academic explanation of what we do.
  • The human brain has evolved in 3 stages. The Reptilian brain (instinctive - oldest area of development). The Limbic brain (emotional processing - middle child of development). And the Neocortex (analytical and creative thinking - and the youngest development).
  • The elegant solutions that everyone is capable of take place in the neocortex. But the thought process needs to filter through the reptilian and limbic brains without raising any Red Flags. For example, you can't utilize your creative faculties if your Reptilian brain places you in Fight or Flight, or your Limbic Brain has particularly strong emotions like anxiety. In such circumstances, a person's ability to use their analytical or creative thinking capacities is impeded whenever either of these older areas of the brain become more active.
  • Everything that we do is aimed at keeping you firmly rooted in the neocortex.
  • Outcome of Coaching - You should be walking away with SMART Goals tied into an action plan as to how to achieve your BHAGS, experience increased motivation, and greater awareness/understanding, that will be beneficial in successfully achieving your goals while leading a satisfying life.

Our Role in working with clients is to support them to achieve their goals and excel to the point of our own obsolescence.


The Areas Where We Can Assist You To Have The Biggest Impact In Your Work And Life

  • Strategic Planning

  • Accelerated and Strengthened Decision Making

  • Developing High Performance Teams

  • Leadership Development

  • BHAGS aka Big Hairy Audacious Goals

    Helping clients to: Identify Goals, Build Motivation, Create and Pursue Plans that help them ultimately  accomplish their BHAGS.

  • Ecological Assessment of Goals

    Ensuring that what you want to do lines up well with everything else in your work and life in order to avoid those expensive mistakes, whether that’s wasted time or resources.

  • Support to Make Large Transitions and Changes

    Both Professionally and Personally

  • Helping to Figure Out Those Missing Components

    Identifying what is getting in the way of you being able to enjoy the life and career that you have made for yourself. 

    Integrating plans to change the things that need to change.

  • Accelerated Professional Development Growth

  • Complete Clarity Around Where You Are and Where You Are Headed

  • Personal Development

    Achieving Those Big Personal Goals

  • Well Constructed Action Plans

    That keep you motivated and accountable to working the plan until the goal has been accomplished.

  • Developing High Potential Leaders

  • Gaining an Unrealized Competitive Edge Through Coaching

  • Boost Innovative Thinking

  • Strengthened Problem Solving

  • Support to Make Large Transitions, Both Professionally and Personally

  • Identifying Those Missing Components That Get In The Way of Enjoying The Life And Career You've Built

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