Mastermind Groups

Accelerating Your Success

  • We Combine The Best Of Mastermind Groups And Executive Coaching To Create The Best Results Possible

    We run mastermind groups made up of like-minded professionals/business leaders/entrepreneurs that are focused on accelerating their growth and success. Our approach is a little different as we aim to hack and combine the best components of each approach so that group members receive the supports that are going to allow them to achieve their goals efficiently.

  • Science Behind Mastermind Groups

    Well run and executed mastermind groups can be a great way of leveraging current successes  and achievements into the higher level goals that clients set for themselves. Avoiding getting into the overly pedantic and scholarly reasons for why Mastermind Groups work, the fundamentals of why they are a successful approach to growing any business or achieving any goal are principles that have been found in the academic studies across multiple fields including Sociology, Social Archaeology, and Goal Theory among others. This isn’t the place to have the scholarly discussion about the  reasons concerning the different aspects of why Mastermind groups of like-minded people often function as incubators for success. (Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss the science in depth.)

  • Blending With Executive Coaching

    We add a layer of 1:1 Executive Coaching for all of our Mastermind Group members, so that they can also experience the benefits of custom-tailored support to best meet their needs as they go through the mastermind program. We believe this blended approach is the best of both worlds, and allows Mastermind Group members to experience more success as a result.

  • Private Online Support Communities

    Every group has their own private online support group where they can collaborate, share, and seek support between the group and 1:1 sessions. Everyone is encouraged to have input, and the group is moderated by one of our coaches.

  • Mastermind Groups - In Person and Online Formats Available

    We run mastermind groups both in person in Calgary, Canada, as well as running others solely online with group members being geographically dispersed.

  • Contact Us If You Are Interested In Joining One Of Our Groups

    We cap our enrolment @ 16 members at any one time for any specific group. Contact us if you are interested in one of our Mastermind Programs, and we will explore together if we currently have an opening in a suitable group of like-minded professionals.