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Our Team

You can read our bios below or check us out on LinkedIn, but first we want to tell you about what unites us and what it is that we do. 

What unites a banker, a doctor, and a philosophy major? 

We have vastly different professional backgrounds. Some might see this as a detraction, but for us it’s most definitely a strength. Our different backgrounds have allowed us to provide far more innovative services and supports to our clients. 

While each of us has travelled a different professional path to become executive coaches, our partnership excels because of our shared values and work ethic. In everything that we do, we strive to achieve excellence and cultivate it in others. The commonalities of our professional backgrounds are defined by a shared cultivation of excellence through exemplary leadership, and a dedication to developing others to achieve their highest potential. We aim to create a legacy that has a substantial positive impact for our clients, not out of a sense of ego, but with the aim of doing what we can to make the world a better place. Our greatest legacy is built on a foundation of coaching that allows our clients to excel professionally whether they are an Entrepreneur launching a startup or a business leader running a Fortune 100 company.

Kyle McLeod ACC, ECPC, BCC

Executive Coach and Managing Director

Kyle holds multiple certifications within the coaching field, including certification from the International Coach Federation as well as being a Board Certified Coach with a designation in Executive/Corporate/Business/Leadership coaching. He has dedicated the last 5 years of his professional life to supporting professionals, teams, business leaders, and entrepreneurs to reach for higher levels of achievement in both their professional and personal lives.

Before founding Coach To Excel, Kyle spent 10 years working in various roles within the field of psychology. These experiences were formative to his understanding for how people function, and the impact that their thoughts and behavioural patterns have on determining their success or failure. Having ascended into a leadership position that emphasized a capacity to build strong teams as a fundamental benchmark for success, Kyle began to utilize a coaching approach to develop the teams he worked with. The results were compelling, and impossible to ignore. The performance of each of the teams that he worked with improved significantly, including multiple successes in developing teams from a state of dysfunction into highly performing teams. At the same time, Kyle also used a coaching approach  as the primary methodology to address the performance development needs of each individual team member with similar amounts of success.

Having supported his team members to grow professionally and as leaders. Many began to ascend into more advanced roles in their careers. Being passionate about leadership, and dedicated to supporting others to realize their full potential, Kyle began to plan the transition to where coaching was the primary role in his professional career. He coaches because he is passionate about supporting others to reach new levels of achievement in their business, professional, and personal lives. By extension, this allows him to be the most effective leader for others. Aiming to do good, by positively contributing to the world has long been a guiding principle. His unique skillset in coaching allows him to pursue this positive contribution in the manner which has the greatest impact.

Now he spends his time working with business leaders, teams, professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve higher levels of success and satisfaction in their lives and careers. He accomplishes this by leveraging his ability to both relate to and understand his clients on a fundamental level, and uses his unique thought process, and analytical skills to help his clients create a deeper understanding of the core issues from seeing their circumstances from multiple vantage points. He prides himself on helping clients to create significant results.

When he’s not working as an executive coach, he enjoys writing and reading non-fiction. Kyle is very active, and enjoys running, swimming, and biking. Though he hasn’t yet managed to combine all 3 at once into a triathlon. This balances out his foodie tendencies. He golfs infrequently. Calling it golf is likely offensive to other golfers. If golf scores were like basketball games, he would be the Lebron James of golf. He would hold a world record for longest distance putted, involving the clearing of a body of water…if such a record existed. He is an avid believer in fitness and creating personal balance, after having personally experienced the positive impact that it has had on his own, life, professional performance, cognitive abilities and happiness.

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I curate a few Flipboard Magazines. One is on Executive Coaching, and the other explores the intersecting crossroads of a ton of different disciplines - all of which are aimed at being able to strive for excellence both professionally and personally. You can find a ton of great articles there.

View my Flipboard Magazine.

View my Flipboard Magazine.

Testimonials +

Coach to Excel has provided the Kasa team with business coaching over the past 6 months. During the time spent with Kyle we have not been disappointed! His positive and professional approach has provided value to my business in various areas including: critical decision making, employee communication, conflict resolution, short/long term goal setting, accountability, and time management. Through group and individual sessions our team has definitely seen a meaningful return on investment. Our company culture has improved and the enhanced understanding of my employee’s key attributes has made the time spent with Kyle invaluable.

Overall I would rate my time spent with Kyle as a great investment for our company, and we value the insight and experience that he has brought to our organization. I would recommend Kyle to anyone looking to achieve a higher level of greatness and team cohesion from their staff.

Cameron Mitchell, CRSP

Kasa Consulting


My name is Craig Patterson, and I am the President and CEO of Retail Insider Media Ltd., as well as the EditorFinFChief of Canada’s top retail industry news publication, Retail Insider. I am writing this as a letter of reference for Kyle McLeod.


Working with Kyle has been beneficial both for my business life as well as personal life. In the time that I've been coached by Kyle, I've identified multiple strategic new business opportunities, come up with new revenue streams, and overall found a directional focus that I was lacking. Specifically, Kyle helped me evaluate business opportunities leading to enhanced clarity and with these insights and motivation, I was able to grow my company's revenue stream by 50% in only three months. My sales continue to grow.

It's not just business, however -- Kyle helped identify useful tools for my personal life. As a result, not only am I more productive and less stressed, I'm also enjoying life more and as a result, doing more. I would recommend Kyle to any business and I'd say that he not only delivers, he overFdelivers on his promise coach businesses to enhanced success.

 Craig Paterson,  B.Comm, LL.B.

President and CEO of Retail Insider Media

Kyle really helped me to make changes in my professional life. When I encountered obstacles, he helped me to reframe and look at the challenges from different perspectives which in turn supported me to change my outlook and reevaluate my situation in a more positive and productive manner. He asked some tough questions at times however, these questions often got me thinking and strengthened my confidence in decision making and in reframing my circumstances. Kyle was supportive, listened well and was great at reminding me of my strengths in times when my self-critic emerged and was weighing me down. If you are ready to make some changes, are open to looking within yourself, and need someone to help you along the way, Kyle is the coach for you!

Jaclyn B. ,  Professional - Vancouver, Canada


Being an individual who is always looking to better a situation whether going through a tough time or even making sure I'm on the right path in both life and business, I always thought the idea of be coached would be interesting.

After I got the opportunity to have my first business coaching session with Kyle, I knew I had made the right decision in speaking with him. Kyle is patient, thoughtful and asks questions that both confirm and yet help you line up your motives in a current business game plan. His questions make you think, consider options for yourself and give you new perspectives that perhaps were not thought about previously.

Kyle is there to get your plan in motion, make sure there is a start, a good play in the middle and helps lead you to the outcome you desire. I was very pleased, it has helped to confirm motives in a current work project and besides the work it made me consider what my options were in not only the work itself but what barriers might be surrounding any issues and how will I go about handling varying situations.

I feel very reassured and enlightened after speaking with Kyle and its nice to know that someone is there when I need them in a non-judgmental and supportive manner.

J.F. ,  Founder/Owner - Nice, France


Before I came to see Kyle, I hadn’t worked with a “coach” before and wasn’t really sure how it could help me. But when I was feeling stuck with my acupuncture practice and struggling to take steps that would help my business grow, I decided to give it a try. I found my sessions with Kyle extremely helpful both professionally and personally. He made me feel instantly comfortable and was very easy to talk to. Kyle helped bring focus to my thoughts, worries, and ideas. Our meetings helped me to identify blocks to my progress, begin setting goals and creating action steps. I have found that I’m more confident, motivated and inspired. I am becoming more comfortable with the self-promotion and marketing side of my practice and I have already seen an increase in my business. I would definitely recommend Kyle to anyone making a career change, starting a new business, or feeling like their business could use a little boost!

Lisa B.,  Professional - Calgary, Canada


Kyle McLeod is a fellow colleague of mine. I recently decided to see him as a client. Throughout my Coaching session with Kyle, he helped me attain the affirmation I was looking for with making a big personal life change. He kept me focused and asked just the right questions, to assure the decision I was making was right for me and that the situation was seen from many different perspectives, including ones I hadn’t considered. He enabled me to feel confident about my decision to move forward, and that everything important was taken into consideration. After my session with Kyle, I felt assured about my decision and felt inspired to move forward. I am grateful to have had this opportunity with Kyle and I feel his Coaching skills can help many whom choose to be his client.

Randalynn W.,  Coach - Calgary, Canada 


Kyle really helped me to make changes in my professional life. When I encountered obstacles, he helped me to reframe and look at the challenges from different perspectives which in turn supported me to change my outlook and reevaluate my situation in a more positive and productive manner. He asked some tough questions at times however, these questions often got me thinking and strengthened my confidence in decision making and in reframing my circumstances. Kyle was supportive, listened well and was great at reminding me of my strengths in times when my self-critic emerged and was weighing me down. If you are ready to make some changes, are open to looking within yourself, and need someone to help you along the way, Kyle is the coach for you!

Kristina H.,  Professional - Vancouver, Canada



Kyle, thank you for helping me to overcome fears that seemed very complicated and that were paralyzing my life. The coaching sessions really helped, you're the best!!
I never figured I could grow so much in my personal life in one session.

I'm sure that your professionalism and sincere interest in each and every one of your clients will open a horizon of success for those who have the opportunity to be in contact with you. Don't hesitate to call Kyle!!

Diana H.,  DDS, Professional - Calgary, Canada



Christy Hemmingway, MBA, ACC, ECPC

Executive Coach and Director of Curriculum Development

With a Royal Roads MBA and 15 years of retail banking experience in a variety of roles, Christy has a strong understanding of business. Having risen through the ranks of TD Bank to the Senior Manager level, she has a multitude of experience creating winning strategies to build cohesive teams in a multi-channel network. Christy has been closely involved with change management principles through design to implementation and follow-through. This has included supporting the design of a new strategy and support role, new protocols for existing positions, and various sales leadership building activities. With experience in diverse roles such as Human Resources Counsellor and Senior Manager Sales and Customer Experience, Christy has developed an ability to impact and influence a broad group of people regardless of reporting lines. She has an ability to view problems from different angles, and leverage those around her to support creative problem solving processes while driving the business forward.

Christy is the founder of Mind Set Grow Business Consulting, where she provides support to businesses around strategy, business development, and incubator support for local entrepreneurs.

Christy is also the Program Lead for the Financial Services Program with Bow Valley College. In this role she functions as the lead instructor, is responsible for curriculum development/implementation, and liaises with industry leaders to ensure that programming best meets industry needs and direction.

Christy’s passion for developing people has been proven through the movement of people to bigger and different roles, utilizing transferable skillsets and stretching them to believe in their abilities. Christy holds the dual coaching certifications from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Erickson College. She has a background in coaching working with individuals and groups to exceed their desired results. These skills coupled with her qualifications to facilitate EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360 assessments create great synergy in her coaching sessions, and can add considerable value to any larger initiatives for organizations that are looking to develop teams.

When Christy isn’t Coaching, Consulting, or taking the lead at Bow Valley College, she is an avid traveller of Alberta. Often with her dog Sophie in tow. Christy is an ardent distance runner, having participated in many of the local charity runs. She is a keen reader and writer of both fiction and non-fiction, with some of her work being published in the Globe and Mail. She also paints, but doesn’t necessarily list this as a talent.

Mind Set Grow

Testimonials +


Christy is a creative and passionate individual. She is not afraid of new challenges. She genuinely wants to see people move forward - personally and professionally and has been an invaluable part my career and life transition. She has a unique way of asking the right (sometimes difficult) questions that lead to engaging and meaningful discussions. It is this dialogue that has enabled me to set realistic goals and improve my confidence. In addition to being an excellent coach, Christy is a strong business leader. She is a dynamic strategist and public speaker.

Christine O'Shaughnessy
Founder of Mindful Growth Yoga



Christy and I worked directly together in Edmonton where she managed one of the largest and most complex Retail branches in the city. She is a great leader with many great qualities but what stood out most was her ability to build a strong culture and inspire her team to win. She accomplished this while also balancing the requirements of an MBA course load.

Eric Thor
Head of Private Bank at TD



I have had the pleasure of Christy on my team and can confirm she is a strategic leader and driven to succeed. She has strong skills in Human Resources with a passion to help develop her people. An overall high performer.

Lionel Laflamme
District Vice President, Commercial Banking at TD Bank

Dr. Nadim Lalani, MD

Executive Coach

Nadim is a world class emergency medicine physician, educator, mentor and leader with numerous awards of distinction in the field of medicine. He played an integral role in the founding and development of the postgraduate specialty training program in Emergency Medicine for the University of Saskatchewan, holding the role of Postgraduate Assistant Program Director Emergency Medicine, where he was intimately involved in the development of the faculty. This is in addition to his work in the Emergency Departments of two local Saskatoon hospitals. He has been an important contributor to the evolution of emergency medicine in the province of Saskatchewan.

A common theme in all the great work that Nadim has done is his dedication to developing others. He could put in his shift at the hospital and call it a day, knowing that he has done some good. Instead, he has created a legacy and impact that extends far beyond this. It could be argued that his Emergency Department hours play second chair to his other accomplishments/responsibilities, his dedication to developing those around him, and improving the processes of the institutions he serves. Many of these contributions will continue to make significant impact for years to come.

Nadim’s dedication to developing others led him to coaching. He believes that coaching is the single greatest methodology to promote the personal/professional development, and self awareness that allows people to find both success and work/life balance. He is a graduate of Erickson Coaching International, and aspires to introduce the coaching modality to medicine as a standard practice as part of the education of future doctors as well as improve the on the job performance and work/life balance of those already in the field.

When not working as an executive coach, or as an attending ER Doctor in the local Calgary hospitals, he spends his days with his beautiful family raising his son and making the most of every moment. While Nadim can lay claim to many professional accomplishments and achievements, this bio would miss the point if it didn’t establish that Nadim is FAMILY FIRST!, everything else second.

Nadim's Personal Website



Testimonials +

I want to say thank you for all of your help throughout medical school. I appreciate your eagerness to teach and the help you've given me throughout the CaRMS process. I have a great deal of respect for you as a clinical instructor and a person in general. There is an entire medical school and body of residents here filled with learners who think very highly of you as a clinical educator. Regardless of the path I end up on come March, I look forward to becoming a solid ER doc one day. I appreciate all you have done to help me get to this point. All the best with the match. In my opinion, the program here is arguably the best ER program I saw.

Dr Alan Wilde

Dr. Lalani embodies the role of “clinical educator” and “life coach” more than anyone I have met. Reflecting on my life, I can honestly say he was the inspiration behind my choice in profession, the support I needed to achieve it and the hand that pulled me back up when I was ready to quit…both my life and job. He was the first physician I worked with as a clerk, and the first (and only) teacher to spend half of his shift coaching me on the most basic fundamentals with patience and enthusiasm. From that day five years ago and until now, he remains an incredible clinical educator for the department, and to me. All of us are equipped in different ways to navigate life, some better than others. Through the wisdom that only comes from ones own suffering, Dr. Lalani was able to guide me through my time of struggle. Through unconditional encouragement and non-judgmental discussions, I was able to build my confidence back up and gain control of my anxiety. He is always a voice of sound reason through my emotional rants and angry tears. He can skillfully change irrational emotion into introspection. From hitting rock bottom two years ago to this day, he is my life coach and has changed the way I think about problems. More than just titles, being a clinical educator and coach is Dr. Lalani’s passion. Although I am reluctant to share my mentor, I know for certain that his unique qualifications; experience and communication skills will change the lives of many more through this new career.

Resident Doctor

Name withheld at request

Preparing to write the Royal College Exam is an undertaking that requires a tremendous amount of discipline, emotional stability, and stamina. As a senior resident, I found it extremely helpful to listen to those individuals that have been through the year before and to take whatever tips I could get from them.  Coaching, for me, was a type of cognitive behavioural therapy that helped me to overcome mental anguish. This was particularly helpful in the month leading up to the exam when stress levels were the highest. Having someone coach me through the thought exercises and visualization put things in perspective and allowed me the chance to work on the emotional aspects of exam preparation. I am thankful to have had the chance to get coached by my mentor.

Dr Mark Taylor

"There is a huge amount of anxiety around our licensing exams. The coaching I received helped me to get into the correct mindset in the days before the exam when it didn't seem like studying more was going to help. It really helped me to shift my focus from memorizing as much as I could to ensuring that I was eating, sleeping, and thinking in a way that would allow me to perform my best."

-Dr Brent Thoma

I owe one of my jobs to Nadim. Just prior to the job interview I was feeling overwhelmed and lacking confidence. I called Nadim and he helped prepare me for the interview as we talked about my previous achievements. We then talked about the future and where I want to be: in a week, in a month, in a year. This coaching really helped me put into perspective both what I had already done, and what I want to do in the future. Having Nadim help me with the big picture put me at ease and I felt calm and confident going into the interview. Thanks Nadim!

Dr Mark Wahba

The following are excerpts from a letter written on Nadim's behalf by several of his colleagues, nominating him for the Dr. Richard Kohn Memorial Award for Mentorship in Emergency Medicine from the Canadian Association of Emergency Medicine.  

We are happy and proud to report that Nadim has the distinct honour of being the 2016 CAEM Dr. Richard Kohn Memorial Award Recipient.

When searching for definition of the word “mentor”, the most fitting definition that applies to Nadim Lalani is “someone who guides another to greater success.” Nadim is a leader in emergency medicine (EM) and has had a large impact on the continuing evolution of the field in Saskatchewan. He consistently goes beyond the expected; he has instilled this attitude in all of the residents that he teaches...

Nadim’s strong track record of mentoring students, residents, and junior colleagues in emergency medicine speaks for itself. As the Assistant Program Director, he is a core member of the RCPSC residency program in Emergency Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. Not only was he the second Royal College certified emergency medicine specialist to work in Saskatchewan, he joined the Program Director Dr. Rob Woods in establishing the FRCP-EM residency program. He is the recipient of three internal teaching awards: CFPC EM teacher of the year, FRCPC-EM Senior Resident Teacher of the Year and the Professional Association of Interns and Residents of Saskatchewan Excellence in Teaching Award. Nadim has delivered countless lectures, presentations, and oral exams to students and residents. He is one of Saskatoon’s highest rated faculty for on-shift teaching and has likely never worked a single shift without a learner since the start of the program. Two residents in the U of S FRCPC-EM program who were mentored by Nadim have received the CAEP FRCPC Resident Leadership Award—a testament to his mentorship. His reputation for successful mentoring has spread and he has recently partnered with the Saskatchewan Medical Association’s Peer Support Program as a Professional Coach to residents and physicians.

Without question Nadim shows unequivocal support and devotion to his colleagues and to the Emergency Department. He has achieved the designation as a Certified Professional Coach and is a pioneer in the field of physician coaching. He is a believer in the “new school” of professional development: individuals are born to achieve and, through effective coaching, can reach their fullest potential. His skills have been sought not only by his local colleagues— residents, students, nurses, department staff—but also far a field with clients in The United States and British Columbia. Nadim recently was the invited speaker to the University of Saskatchewan Emergency Medicine retreat where he discussed the history of the coaching philosophy and guided the residents and staff in coaching techniques.

Nadim offers mentorship to all those he encounters: students, residents, nurses and colleagues. He strives to make their lives better, both personally and professionally. Nadim truly believes in developing the best of each individual to achieve their fullest potential. His ability to help people realize the strengths they have within themselves and actualize this potential to achieve their goals makes him a worthy candidate for the Dr. Richard Kohn Memorial Award for Mentorship in Emergency Medicine.


Bruce Cload, PhD, MD, FRCPC Damjan Gaco, MD, PGY 4, FRCPC - Emergency Medicine Paul Olszynski, MD, Med, CCFP-EM James Stempien BSc, MD, FCFP, CCFP-EM, CCPE Brent Thoma, MD, MA, FRCPC Mark Wahba, MD, CCFP-EM, FCFP