Custom Designed Training Programs

Creating Custom Tailored Training

To Meet Your Talent Development Needs

  • We Have a Combined 2 Decades Experience as Trainers

    With such a diverse professional background, we can pull on our knowledge and skills to design and facilitate a training program to meet your needs.

  • Our Collective Experience Includes Creating Curriculum For Post Secondary Educational Institutions

  • Designed With A Coaching Methodology

    One of the biggest criticisms of corporate training programs is that they don’t work. Often being characterized by a multi-day retreats, with many promises and intentions declared around the need to change. Only to find that a few weeks out, everything is still the same.

    We use a coaching methodology in our training because in our experience it works better. The goal of any training is to incorporate the learned curriculum into the everyday. In other words IMPLEMENTATION. This is where many training initiatives fail. If creating awareness and understanding is one half of coaching. Implementation is the other half. In designing our programs, implementation is important. This is why we incorporate the support of coaching into the training.

  • Coaching Is the Ultimate Customization of Professional Development

    You’ve undoubtedly heard the Expression “You can’t fit a round peg into a square hole.” People are very diverse these days, having a cookie cutter approach to your training isn’t going to get you the results you really want. We believe that this approach adds significant value, and better accomplishes the objectives you set out when you decided that training was needed in the first place.

  • How The Design Works

    We will meet with you and discuss what the learning objectives, benchmarks of success, and conduct any pre-surveys necessary. We will then design the curriculum.

  • Digital Learning Platforms

    We can build the training program into a digital learning platform like Thinkific, so that your teams can access the materials regardless of their geographic location and can go through the training on a schedule that works for them. Creating a digital learning platform allows training to easily scale from one employee to many both now and into the future, while ensuring that employees have access to the training as they need it.

  • Final Training Program

    After the design and approval process, we will facilitate the training from a coaching perspective. The training curriculum will be supported by post event coaching to promote effective implementation in the workplace.

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